The aim of this methodology is to generate socioeconomic data.

Method and effort

Although a great part of the socioeconomic information is acquired through administrations or private entities, the data are usually very general on demographic or economic matters. For a detailed socioeconomic characterization of the natural space of Sierra Nevada, we need to use specific methodologies, for which, in the socioeconomic sphere, in situ studies are made using surveys.

By questionnaires, we will gather information of different types: satisfaction, opinion, characterization, evaluation, contingent, etc. We will use structured and semi-structured questionnaires with open and closed responses. For closed multiple-choice responses, nominal scales will be used, i.e. interval and Likert.


The periodicity depends on the type of study, varying between a continuous survey (e.g. public use) annual (e.g. social participation) or occasional without a defined periodicity (e.g. livestock-characterization analysis).



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