There are more than 70 glacial oases in Sierra Nevada , product of the melting of the mountain snow, which offer us incredible images as well as a unique opportunity to study the effects of climate change in an environment as unique as the high mountain lakes.

Lagunas de Sierra Nevada was born as a Citizen Science campaign, from which the general public is invited to become directly involved in the research being carried out in the high mountains of Sierra Nevada, through the contribution of historical and current photographs of the lagoons, so that they can help understand how these sentinels of global change respond to increasing environmental pressure and degradation.

Through the platform you will be able to:

  • Contribute photographs in three easy steps: Take your photo, register in the website and upload your photo through a simple form. In addition, every year the best photographs will be rewarded with prizes such as fortaits for skiing in Sierra Nevada, hotel nights, annual passes to the Science Park in Granada...
  • View the historical record of contributions from other citizens
  • Know the projects that are in progress
  • Participate in the activities, courses and visits organized for the conservation of the lagoons.